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Night at Tomsleibhe Bothy

I and my friend have been planning this adventure since October 2021. We missed it last time due to bad weather and lucky we did. Finally we made a random plan after checking the weather with Tejas and the rest is just memory. Staying in bothy and that too in winters is not an easy task.

We started from Glasgow at 5am and reached Oban in 3hrs. It was a sunny day but the temperatures were -2 degrees and we had 2 hrs before boarding the ferry to Craignure. We had our heavy Scottish breakfast by the ferry terminal and boarded the ferry. The ferry ride gives beautiful views of the port town Oban and the surrounding munros.

Basically bothy is a place which were built by farmers for workers. Now they are used by campers as a safe haven from the Scottish weather, which can change every hour. These bothies are usually not accessible by car and one needs to hike for more than 1 hour to reach. Most of the bothies in Scotland are in the Glens or by the beach.

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