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IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP)


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IoT CMP is a connectivity management platform used to manage sim cards provided to the devices which require IoT. 

The users can change plans, request new sim cards, deactivate sim cards and whitelist services through the portal.


Earlier all these activities were done by the Airtel team. The clients used to raise tickets, and an Airtel representative would take care of those requests.


Now we are trying to tackle this problem by redesigning the portal to make it more usable for the clients.

My Role
  • User research

  • Competitive analysis

  • Information architecture and user flows 

  • Wireframes

  • Product strategy design

  • Project management


Information Architecture

The information architecture (IA) helped us to understand the structure and the navigation system of the portal. It gave us the information of the levels and sub levels involved in the navigation  system.

Card Slotting

To understand how the users perceive the present menu we carried out a card slotting exercise. We listed all the menus and sub-menus, and made the users to arrange it according to their understanding.

We carried out the exercise with the B2B Airtel admins and client side employees viz. finance guy & supervisors.

The exercise helped us to redesign the navigation system in a much simple format. But, we could not use the new version as most of the users are acustomed to the existing naming and conventions. Hence, we decided to make the changes in the navigation system increamentally

Online Payment System

The client's traditional behaviour of invoice payments from cheque to online payment.

The clients used to pay the bills through cheque, which led to delay in payments. The payments used to get withhold for 5-6 months.

We decided to revamp the online payment system and make it easier for the users. We designed a widget for the dashboard for easy online payments and reduced the number of steps required for online payments.

The designs helped increase the revenue collection 2X because of the ease in the user flow.

Help & Support

The existing help and support system was lacking usability and after sending the request the users had to wait for days for the reply from the technical experts. This used to increase the load on the customer service calls.

We designed a help and support system after analysing the types of questions asked by the user. Based on that data we created a conversational flow that changed based on the options selected by the user. 


The solution helped to reduce the load of the customer service and it also increased the usability of the help and support system.


Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Final UI


The product was very complex and it helped me understand how does a SAAS platform work. I learnt about:

  • Project management

  • Designing dashboards 

  • Usability testing

  • Sprint design

  • Atomic design

  • System design

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